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AmScope is the leading provider of microscopes and related accessories sold mostly online to a diverse range of end markets including the education sector, life sciences and other scientific research fields as well as for industrial inspection applications.

Globe Scientific


Globe Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 certified worldwide supplier of laboratory consumables, benchtop equipment, and related accessories to a wide variety of markets. These include the world’s leading research, clinical, academic, and industrial institutions.



Euromex Microscopen is a leading provider of microscopes and other optical instruments. Founded in 1966, the company has become a world-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes. Euromex operates in more than 100 countries through distributors and resellers worldwide. 


OMAX_logo_color copy.png

OMAX microscope products and accessories include stereo microscopes, compound microscopes, digital microscopes, industrial microscopes, and a great selection of accessories. ​



The Q-scope product range of handheld digital microscopes offers the best solution for a broad array of applications like industrial quality control, medical & life sciences, forensics, science & education, art restoration and many other fields.

Physix Photonics


Physix Photonics is a provider of optical components and assemblies. The high-end production capabilities of Physix Photonics vary from flat optics (filters, beamsplitters, waveplates, mirrors) to curved optics (lenses, doublets, cylindrical, aspherical) at high MIL and ISO specifications.

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